Creepy, antique, anonymously handcrafted postcards.

To your friends and family. As a service. Today.

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Trolling people is fun. Going to the post office is not fun. Let me do all the busy work for you.

$6 USD covers the cost of the postcard (which will be a genuinely antique card dating back to somewhere between 1910 and 1980), cost of mailing it, and of course, a little bit left over for creative services performed by me.

Each postcard is completely customized based on information you give me! If you choose not to give me any info, I will still make up a completely unique letter. Since I originally started doing this as a means of entertainment for myself, I promise to never recycle a letter!


“I have so many questions.”
- you, a sane person.

Why on earth would I want to do this?

Because introducing chaos into your relationships with other people is not just funny and a nice way to show that you care, but also a bonding experience in ways! You never know who someone really is until they're freaking out over the letter they got from a time traveling yak salesman stuck in 1947 Wisconsin or calling you nervously to confide that they just received a steamy love letter from an inmate at a remote prison in the Appalachians.

Will my friends or family know who sent it?

Not unless you tell them! Your postcard will be postmarked as being sent from Indianapolis, Indiana with no return sender listed.

Where do you get these postcards?

I have to scavenge antique stores, flea markets, and other sorts of places to get these cards. It's a little bit time-intensive because these cards are often mixed together with already used cards, which, although fun to read, are frankly quite useless.

What if they hate the card?

These cards should be fun. I'd personally recommend not sending anything offensive or hateful (not to mention, I will likely cancel and refund any order placed that is offensive or hateful!)

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